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Fiona Hewkin Counselling 
Haslemere and Online

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Why Counselling?

Counselling is a chance for you to be truly heard. Whether you are here because something has come up for you recently, maybe depression symptoms and anxiety, feeling like you can't cope or if you have problems that seem to go back to childhood, counselling can help.

Contact me to learn how.

About me

I work with all sorts of people from all kinds of backgrounds. I have a special interest in counselling for trauma, or difficult childhood experiences. I have personal understanding of how it feels to heal from that. To find out more please click the button below.


Initial Session

Free half hour phone or Zoom  assessment. This gives you a chance to see if I am the right therapist for you.

Counselling Session

£55 per session
Sessions can be in person at

Haslewey Community Centre or at The Haslemere Clinic in Haslemere or via Zoom. Evening and daytime sessions available.

Discounted Fees

I offer discounted sessions for NHS workers and members of the blue light services.

What is Trauma, and How Can Trauma Focused Therapy Help?

Trauma can be a one off event such as a car crash or assault or trauma can result as the result of a difficult or abusive childhood or relationship. Trauma can affect our mental, emotional, behavioural and spiritual wellbeing.

Known as ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experience is just a way to talk about difficult childhoods which may have contained things that cause trauma. This may include family violence, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or neglect A difficult childhood may involve a parent who is always busy or didn't have time for you, a parent who was always critical or indifferent.

Trauma affects us, it’s meant to. Our brains work very hard at keeping us safe. The impact of chronic childhood trauma is devastating, and it can affect every aspect of our lives. Chronic trauma changes how we relate to people. Trauma disconnects us from ourselves and from others. We may end up in dangerous relationships as adults, experiencing abusive relationships or we can end up trying to numb the pain with drink, drugs, shopping or sex.

Emotional neglect in childhood, abuse, violent or abusive relationships or any other kind of trauma impacts our ability to manage and regulate our emotions. This is not because we are crazy or dysfunctional, it's because trauma makes us adapt to a life prepared for threat and danger, not joy and fun. We are always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Counselling for trauma and Trauma Focused Therapy can help you to heal. Promoting a sense of safety is vital if the brain is going to switch out of fight or flight mode and learn to live without constantly looking for threats. Getting support from a trauma focused therapist can be so helpful to move out of fight or flight and into a calmer state. I know from my own experiences that it is possible to heal from trauma, and to thrive. If you would like to explore any of these ideas or think counselling for trauma would be helpful, please use the contact form to get in touch. To read more about trauma in my blog, please click here.

I am passionate about helping people to recover form adverse childhood experiences or any other kind of trauma. To find out more about me please click the button below.

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